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8 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Is it time for a complete bathroom remodel? Remodeling rooms is stressful but exciting. You get to customize your space and create the bathroom of your dreams. 

If you're a first-time renovator, though, it can be easy to make a few small mistakes that have big consequences. You don't want to ruin your entire project through a simple beginner's mistake, right? 

If you're looking to avoid common bathroom remodeling mistakes, we want to give you some advice. We've seen these mistakes in practice. Other people made them so you don't have to! 

Keep reading to get the inside scoop so you can get ahead of those mistakes.

1. Not Setting a Budget

Your bathroom remodeling budget dictates everything that you can do with your remodel. You need to figure this out first before you start buying, hiring, or designing. 

This is where you get to decide what's essential and what can wait or be omitted altogether. Are you passionate about having a giant and luxurious bathtub? You may have to reconsider replacing your sinks at the moment. 

Can you afford a personal interior designer, and is that important to you? 

Make sure you budget enough wiggle room when you're first getting started, especially if you're unsure how much things will cost. Make room for inaccurate estimates.

2. Not Measuring Everything

This goes for the current bathroom and the new things that you'd like to include.

Before you start buying new products for your dream restroom, you're going to want to take measurements of your space and items you plan to keep. You might not be able to fit a whirlpool tub in what's currently a powder room, and you shouldn't be tempted to try. 

First, you want to measure the walls, then the excess space between fixtures you plan on keeping and the doorway. You don't want to buy something that fits in the space just to realize that a narrow doorway limits you. 

This is also a good time to measure the door if it opens inward. Would it interact with anything that you plan on including?

3. Trying to Do Everything Alone

Even if you've done a remodel before, it's in your best interest to at least consult with a professional. You don't have to talk to remodeling contractors if that isn't your style, but consulting with an interior designer can help you organize your thoughts on paper. 

Doing things on your own can be overwhelming. If you don't live alone, you're trying to combine multiple interests and ideas that somehow have to fit together. There are a lot of considerations. 

Getting outside help will give you a neutral opinion on your plans and save you time, even if it costs some extra money. Budget for it!

4. Not Picking a Specific Aesthetic

There's nothing wrong, per se, with having an assortment of styles in one room. That said, bathrooms are small (generally speaking), and having an eclectic mix can make it look disorganized and thrown together.

Get everyone on the same page and reach a happy medium rather than combine indoor aesthetics that don't match. This is where having that professional designer can come in handy.

5. Making the Toilet the Main Event

Let's face it, the toilet is the main event in the bathroom, but unless it's gold-plated, it's unlikely that you're looking to show it off. 

You don't have to hide it, but putting something else in the center stage to draw the eye will give you a better overall look. 

Sometimes a large and pretty vanity will be enough to tuck away the toilet. Other times, the tub or shower can be an excellent central focal piece.

If none of these work with your restroom's layout, consider hanging an art piece or mirror or using vibrant colors on the wall to distract from the obvious.

6. Neglecting Storage 

So you have your perfect clawfoot tub, your perfect vanity, the mirror of your dreams: what are you missing? 

Where will you put your medications, beauty products, toiletries, toilet paper, and excess towels? You need storage space.

If you're tearing into your restroom walls, this is a great time to install closet space or built-in storage. If not, use this opportunity to set up a vanity space with cabinets and drawers that are big enough to suit your storage needs. 

You don't want to finish your space to realize that you don't have enough room to store your necessities in the room.

7. Using the Wrong Materials

In the bathroom, more than any other room, the materials matter. This goes for the floor, the furniture, and anything else that may come in contact with water.

Bathrooms are all about moisture. While adequate ventilation can help with this, you can't avoid the occasional spill or dampness on the floor or walls. 

You need to ensure that all of the materials you're using are sturdy and water-resistant while also suiting the look you're going for. In other words, if you were considering the bathroom faux-pas of hardwood floors, reconsider.

8. Poor Drainage and Ventilation

This brings us to the last (and commonly overlooked) mistake that you can make. These things are harder to see and easy to forget. 

You want excellent ventilation in your bathroom. This handles both unpleasant odors and the steam from your bath or shower. A poorly-ventilated space is going to be stuffy and damp. 

The drainage also matters. You want to make sure that the drain in your shower is in the right spot and that it's not at the top of an unlevel space. You need it to rest where the water accumulates or you'll have standing water that won't go away.

Are You Guilty of These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes? 

You'll likely make some bathroom remodeling mistakes of your own while you're working on your big home project, but you don't have to make the major ones.

Take note of our list whenever you doubt yourself, and you'll be on the right track for remodeling success. 

When you're ready to start looking for your new bathroom fixtures, visit our store. We have stylish designs that you need to create your perfect space.


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