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9 Amazing Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Whether you spend hours pampering yourself or your daily routine is lower maintenance, the minutes you spend at your bathroom vanity add up. The right vanity can truly make the room feel more yours! 

There are so many interesting and classy bathroom vanity ideas, yet deciding which ideas will accentuate your style is sometimes easier said than done. That's why we've created this list of 9 amazing vanity designs that you'll love in your home. 

1. The Floating Vanity

floating vanity

This classic modern style adds an aura of sleekness to any space. This style usually comes in solid black or white, with a gleaming texture.

Its lack of floor footprint makes this style also very popular in smaller spaces! It is space-conscious, but the polished look helps to open up areas that can look cramped. 

2. Small and Modern 

small bathroom vanity

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't feel like your own. Like the floating vanity style, small and modern vanities are becoming increasingly popular. 

You can often see this style paired together in a joint bathroom. It's two small structures with a simple drawer to hide the sink plumbing, with a sleek and simple sink appliance on top.

Small and modern bathroom vanities are perfect for bathrooms with more than one user or washrooms smaller than a full bath. 

3. Farmhouse Chic

farm style vanity

Farmhouse designs bring a lot of character to any room! They create a type of cozy feel that can make a house feel like a home.

The best thing about these designs is a lot of them you can do yourself. Meaning you can fit shelves with whatever type of storage will best suit your family's dynamic.

Of course, if you're not much a D.I.Y person, you can always find a pre-built farm style vanity design from several popular interior appliance brands.

4. Upcycled Designs 

upcycled dresser vanity

This approach is another do it yourself design, but it's definitely unique. Upcycling old furniture into a bathroom vanity is an easy way to be eco-friendly as you furnish your home.

You can use an old dresser or anything that will fit a sink and plumbing comfortably. You can either do it yourself or pay for professional assistance. Regardless this style is a sure conversation piece! 

5. Open Vanities

open shelf vanity

This design brings out the best in a few styles. It works best for those trying to open up a room, those who like clean designs.

A simple shelf vanity allows you to also choose the type of structure you would like to use as a sink. This will lead the design towards a certain flair making the design feel more customizable. 

Many of these bathroom vanity ideas use things like water basins for sinks, giving a room a unique, rustic feel.

6. Nook Designs 

nook style vanity

This design is an easy way to add an extra layer of elegance to your vanity!

This nook style can be seen in any celebrity closet. Where ever you have the extra space, whether it be your bathroom or closet, this little rest area is a perfect place to put on makeup, do your hair, or your daily skincare routine. 

Dedicating this space will help you organize any extra clutter that may find it's way into the bathroom. Nook designs give a room a sophisticated edge. It makes the overall feeling of the space intentional and curated. 

7. Raw Nature 

live edge vanity style

Things like a raw wood-topped vanity or raw wood shelves will give a room a striking contrast to typical modern appliances. This style looks exceptionally gorgeous joined with other natural mediums like stone or marble. 

You can purchase nature-styled vanities to give your home that rustic feel that's been so popular lately. It seems like designers have used 2020 to get back to the taste of simplicity.

8. Pedestal Vanities

pedestal sink vanity

These pedestal vanities are a more common style than those previously mentioned. They're great for smaller spaces, and they easily blend in with whatever style you have in mind for your bathroom.  

They also come with a variety of customizable features such as their style faucet and knobs. The lack of storage gives this structure a sense of power that gives the rest of the room a classy aura. 

9. Mirrored Vanities

mirrored bathroom vanity

Mirrors are an easy way to add a sense of delicate flare. Mirrored vanities may seem gaudy, but when styled right, they can look classy in an edgy modern way. This design automatically opens up any small or dark room, so it's useful in any space. 

Try pairing a mirrored vanity with an abstract color, like navy blue or deep plum. This style will make you feel like you're getting ready for the red carpet wherever you are! 

Bringing Your Dream Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Life

With a little determination, you can bring all your vanity designs to life!

Whether you're looking to add a layer of classic glamour or pull together the feel of your overall bathroom, one of these bathroom vanity ideas is sure to fit your style. 

Choosing the right vanity can transform the whole look of a space and either darken or open up and brighten the room. Spend some time thinking about which style vanity would look best in your space! 

Factors like how much storage your family uses, whether space is essential, and how you want to use this vanity can all narrow down which styles will fit, not only your style but your needs.

If you found this list helpful, please share it with a friend! Feel free to explore the rest of our site to find the newest bath designs, fixtures, and insight. 

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