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How to Pick the Best Bathroom Fixtures for Your Space

Whether you're ready to remodel your current bathroom or planning to design one from scratch, choosing the right bathroom fixtures is key to a beautiful space.

From faucets to shower trim, picking the best fixtures is an art form, and it can have a significant impact on your bathroom's aesthetics.

Read on to learn some helpful tips and tricks so you can select the best fixtures for your needs.

Choose Your Finish

popular faucet finishes

When selecting bathroom fixtures, the finish is perhaps the most critical design component. Finishes range from shiny and metallic to matte and warm, depending on your personal preference.

Common finish options include: 

  • Brushed nickel
  • Brushed brass
  • Polished nickel
  • Polished brass
  • Matte Black
  • Chrome
  • Oil rubbed bronze

Brushed nickel and brass are two classic choices that never seem to go out of style. These finishes work well in traditional bathrooms. They integrate well with textiles like your shower curtain and rugs.

While chrome is considered a classic finish, it's also an excellent option for modern bathroom trends. This shiny finish has a mirror-like shine that brings visual impact to your bathroom.

Trending Finishes for Bathroom Fixtures

trending faucet finishes

Trendy finish options leave room for debate, but here's some inspiration for your next project as we move into 2021. 

Some of the more trendy finishes for bathroom fixtures include: 

  • Brushed brass
  • Satin gold
  • Spun gold
  • Matte black
  • Antique brass
  • Antique copper
  • Naples bronze

Brass and gold finish options took over bathrooms in 2020, and it appears these warm tones aren't going anywhere. Forget about picking on grandma for those antiquated fixtures because these tones are back in style! 

If you prefer a darker feel, black is the new grey. Matte black is a trendy finish choice that brings bold drama to any bathroom. Black looks fantastic against white tile or a hammered copper sink.

From the shower and tub to sink faucets, think about how these finishes will work together to give the room a cohesive appearance. Matching your finishes ensures a streamlined aesthetic.

Consider the Functionality of Your Bathroom Fixtures


As you ponder how to pick the right bathroom fixtures, always keep their function in mind. If you're updating a large master bathroom, you want to be sure that the fixtures give you the level of water control you need.

Shower and Tub Fixtures

A showerhead with a myriad of adjustable settings allows you to control the level of water pressure and flow. Trim with adjustable heat and temperature mix settings makes showering a pleasurable experience.

For the tub, look for fixtures that make it easier to fill your bathtub faster and adjust the water temperature. Whether it's a deck mount design (like pictured above) or a wall-mount fixture, the setup affects the look and functionality of your entire bathroom.

Browse several different designs to find the fixtures that fit your needs. Since today's bathroom fixtures are more versatile than ever, you should be able to find products that enhance your bathing experience.

Matching Your Accessories 

matching bathroom accessories

Don't forget to install ample towel bars or rings for bath towels and washcloths. Hooks in a matching finish provide you with a place for robes and clothing.

Every fixture you add to your bathroom should serve a purpose that fits your lifestyle. Whether it's a massaging showerhead or a sleek towel bar set, think about your personal goals for the bathroom first and foremost.

Factor in Aesthetics


Finish and functionality are two crucial components of choosing bathroom fixtures. However, you also want to be sure you love the overall design.

Whether you prefer something in a curved shape with a smooth surface or something with texture, find a bathroom fixture that highlights your style. Traditional designs give you versatility, while modern ones offer a unique, dramatic visual.

Bathroom Fixture Design

The design of your new fixtures can also depend on your personal decorating style. If you're a minimalist, look for options that showcase clean, smooth lines.

If your style is more on the artsy side, ornate fixtures can elevate your bathroom and give it a romantic vibe. Intricate details and unusual shapes will add a sculptural, artistic element to this important part of your home.

Size Matters

Always choose faucets and other fixtures in proper scale with your shower, tub, and sinks. If you select something too large, it will cause water to splash out onto your floors or vanity.

High-neck or gooseneck faucets work well for deep tubs and sinks. For smaller vessels, choose a deck-mount or single-handle faucet for a streamlined look and more comfortable use.

A Note About Valves


Selecting the right bathroom fixtures isn't just about looks. It's also about quality. Choose products made of durable solid brass, and that includes quality parts.

Valves are a crucial component of faucets and should be a durable material. The valve is what creates a watertight seal between the faucet and the plumbing to prevent leaks.

What Valves Do

When you open and close the valve, it creates the proper level of water flow and pressure. Look for fixtures that include a quality valve to ensure your new items last for years to come.

A good valve will allow for maximum water temperature control and pressure control. Quality valves also won't leak or cause a mess if you don't turn off the faucet all the way.

Types of Valves

When searching for the right faucet and other fixtures, pay attention to the various types of available valves. Ball valves, compression valves, cartridges, and ceramic disks are the most common options.

A ceramic disc valve is the most durable and typically costs the same as other options. Look for faucets with this type of valve whenever possible to prevent the potential for leaking and drips.

Enhance Your Bathroom With New Fixtures

 buy bathroom fixtures

As you search for the perfect bathroom fixtures for your home, keep these helpful tips in mind. Each component plays a crucial role in your bathroom's functionality, from the finish and design to valve and size.

Always choose products made using high-quality materials and finishes. This approach ensures you'll get the best results and a beautiful bathroom you'll enjoy for many years.

To explore our line of products for your bathroom or learn more about us, please contact us today.

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